Private Construction Law

The Private Construction Law practice group assists contractors and other companies in their relations with all of the participants in construction projects (including general contractors, real estate developers, principals, subcontractors, co-contractors, architects, engineers, safety coordinators, real estate brokers and insurers). On the Belgian market, Schoups is a leading player in the field of Private Construction Law. Schoups has a broad client base, including a substantial number of the largest contractors.

The Private Construction Law team provides pragmatic, solution-oriented advice and can rely on its practical experience in order to assist your company with, e.g.:

  • drafting and reviewing of contracts in the broadest sense of the word
  • conducting negotiations
  • handling construction-related disputes in arbitration proceedings, mediations and proceedings before the tribunals and courts
  • advice before, during and after the design and execution of construction projects

The lawyers of our Private Construction Law practice group are not only experienced and ardent litigators, but also skilled advisors and negotiators. Schoups is known for its determined pursuit of the best solution. This requires a flexible approach and an aptitude for  creative and customised thinking. Schoups generally tries to reach an out-of-court solution for your specific problem, but our lawyers will not hesitate to take the necessary judicial steps if necessary or preferable. Pragmatism and a client-oriented approach are the keys here.      

Siegfried Busscher leads this practice group, together with Els Op de Beeck.

The practice group has the following areas of specialisation:


“Construction” is the largest unit within the Private Construction Law practice group.

The lawyers in this unit assist clients (primarily contractors and real estate developers) by providing practice-oriented advice, assisting the development of projects (e.g. drafting construction contracts and providing support during negotiations) and conducting arbitration proceedings, mediations and court proceedings that may arise during or after construction projects.

The large variety of construction project participants requires careful attention to the interactions between all actors in the construction process. Our lawyers are specialised in complex construction law litigation.  


The “Design” unit’s focus lies on the design aspects of a construction project. Our lawyers have particular expertise in the legal aspects of architectural assignments, special studies and techniques as well as complex engineering projects. This includes drafting and reviewing of contracts and assisting clients both in and out of court.

This unit works together closely with the “Construction” unit, generating a productive synergy for the practice group.

Third parties

The lawyers in this unit concentrate on disputes that may arise with neighbours and other third parties during construction, such as damages to underground or aboveground cables and pipes, neighbourhood disturbance, disputes with or for co-owners or co-owners' associations, etc.

Debt collections

Schoups also assists its clients to collect unpaid invoices, in combination with conservatory measures if necessary.