Employment Law

Schoups assists its clients with various aspects of individual and collective employment law, as well as social security law, accompaniment of social inspections and all of the legal aspects that result from working in a company. Schoups also supports its clients in all of these areas when disputes give rise to judicial proceedings.  

Sara Cockx leads this practice group.

The Employment Law practice group has the following particular areas of specialisation:

Individual & Collective Employment law

Schoups provides assistance in the area of employment law with regard to:

  • drafting and concluding employment contracts and (in collaboration with the Business Law practice group) management agreements, with special attention for specific types of contracts and contractual clauses
  • the specific consequences of the implementation of the employment contract (compensation structure and bonus plans, employment rules and regulations, policies, etc.), as well as the concrete and practical handling of day-to-day HR problems
  • privacy in the workplace, accompaniment on any reporting to the privacy commission, implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)
  • aspects of international employment (Limosa, secondment, residence documents, drafting of social clauses in subcontracting agreements, etc.)
  • termination of the employment contract (dismissal, urgent cause, justification of the dismissal, etc.), with special attention for specific types of protection against dismissal
  • the establishment and functioning of the collective consultation bodies at company level (works council, workplace prevention and protection committee, trade union delegation), including social elections
  • legal and practical assistance in reorganisations or restructurings, including compliance with the information and consultation procedures that are provided for by law
  • problems involving (unfair) competition by (former) employees
  • advising and accompaniment in case of social inspections (sham independence, joint and several liability for wages, international employment, etc.)

Industrial Accidents

Schoups has an extensive practice in the area of industrial accidents law, in which it supports industrial accident insurers in litigation cases. In these files, Schoups brings to bear its combined know-how on construction law, well-being and safety at work, employment law and insurance law.


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