Environmental Law

Schoups assists its clients in the broad field of environmental and climate law, energy law and public real estate law in the various Belgian regions.

Kristof Hectors leads this practice group.

From this practice group, Schoups regularly provides specialised assistance (both consultancy and litigation) in the following areas:

  • Environmental permits (in the field of urban planning and socio-economic permits) in the various regions. The assistance covers both administrative and jurisdictional appeal procedures, as well as proceedings before the civil courts;
  • Strategic planning (spatial implementation plans, urban development regulations, but also environmental impact assessment, safety reporting and appropriate assessments). Assistance includes advice and related proceedings;
  • Enforcement of environmental law. Assistance in the framework of advice, regularisation files and proceedings before the civil and criminal courts
  • Site specific legal implementation aspects, such as public-law obligations regarding cables and pipelines, drainage, earth-moving, waste regulations, demolition, asbestos, etc.
  • Public real estate: public-law aspects of real estate, including aspects of roads, the legal framework for concessions and the public domain, subsidy issues, public easements, providing advice and conducting proceedings in expropriation law
  • Providing (pro)active advice on the construction of project structures and concessions of public and private development projects (residential and retail as well as the construction and park management of industrial sites and SME development, and projects in port areas)
  • Assistance and preparation of due diligence in the context of transactions (both share deals and asset deals) with screening of real estate, urban planning and environmental law and energy matters
  • Advice and litigation in the context of material environmental law, including issues relating to nature conservation (e.g. Natura 2000 areas, heritage law and soil protection)
  • Strong focus on innovative projects and regulations concerning the crossroads of climate law and the construction and energy sectors, such as in the field of circular economy, renewable energy (solar energy, wind turbines, riothermal energy), heat networks and smart grids, energy efficiency of buildings and assistance with energy performance contracts.