Increasing “local taxes” in the construction sector

Increasing “local taxes” in the construction sector

More and more often, the actors in the building world are finding themselves confronted with “local levies” on and around the construction site.

In the present era of tight budgets, cities and municipalities are opting for more frequent application or more expansive interpretation of existing tax regulations. This often leads to levies that are associated with the application of regulations on preventing pollution on the public roadway or occupancy of the public domain.

The parties involved should always consider this aspect before starting up a worksite and gather information from the municipality or the contracting authority involved in order to know precisely what is and is not allowed. The practice and interpretation differ widely from municipality to municipality.

Over the years, Schoups has accumulated the necessary expertise concerning such levies and regularly advises its clients on the subject.

For more information or assistance on this subject, you can consult Marco Schoups and Kristof Hectors.