27 October 2015 - Schoups organised a breakfast seminar on « 2016 Social Elections »

27 October 2015 - Schoups organised a breakfast seminar on «2016 Social Elections»

All companies with 50 or more employees must organise social elections to be held in May 2016. For many years, the construction sector was able to opt out of this obligation, thanks to successive agreements reached with the trade unions. However, it looks like such an agreement will not be concluded for the social elections in 2016. The whole procedure takes 150 days, so that it already begins in December 2015, meaning that proper preparation is crucial.     

During this seminar, Atty Sara Cockx addressed the following topics (amongst others):

  • Which companies have to organise social elections?
  • Who can present themselves as a candidate?
  • Who can enjoy protection against dismissal, and what is the “occult” protection period?
  • What are the various steps in the strict election procedure?
  • How do you organise the election day itself?
  • What has to be done after the elections?

This seminar took place in Kasteel Den Brandt.