7 December 2017 - Schoups gives seminar on company disputes

7 December 2017 - Schoups gives seminar on company disputes

On 7 December 2017, Gwen Bevers, Geert De Buyzer and Karel Sas gave a seminar on disputes within companies for the BAB-BKR Antwerp (Professional association for accountants, tax consultants, company auditors, authorised bookkeepers-tax consultants, lawyers and notaries public).

It is well known that conflicts (and sometimes quite serious ones) can arise within companies. The company law offers many possible ways out for deadlocked relationships: the trick is choosing the right one.

In order to resolve company conflicts as efficiently as possible,  several years ago Schoups assembled a specialised team lawyers with expertise in company-law and/or in dispute resolution within the Business Law practice group.  

During the seminar, their knowledge, experience and accumulated know-how were shared with the members of BAB-BKR Antwerp, with attention being successively devoted to the avoidance of disputes (via shareholders´ agreements, etc.), intra-company instruments (individual investigation and audit authority, etc.) and judicial means of action (dispute resolution, etc.). Alternative methods of dispute resolution were also discussed.

Extensive attention was also paid to the changes that will be entailed by the announced new Companies and Associations Code. You can find more information about this new legislation on our website, where you can also view the detailed webinar we recently gave on this topic (directly accessible via the following link).

For more information on this subject, you can contact Karel Sas, Geert De Buyzer and Gwen Bevers (unit head).