Breakfast seminar "A conflict in the company: what now?"

Breakfast seminar "A conflict in the company: what now?"

On Thursday, 22 February 2018, Schoups´ Business Law practice group held a breakfast seminar on "A conflict in the company: what now?"

As we all know, (serious) conflicts can occasionally arise within companies. Company law offers many possible paths for getting out of deadlocked relationships - the trick is choosing the right one.

Geert De Buyzer discussed both the  possibilities for acting within the company and the options via the judicial system, always from the perspective of resolving the conflict as efficiently as possible.

The following topics (amongst others) were addressed:

  • the shareholder´s individual investigation and audit authority;
  • the convening of, access to and possibilities at the general meeting (can access also be compelled e.g. for advisors or a process server?);
  • the appointment of an expert or a judicial mandatory;
  • the suspension and nullification of resolutions of company meetings;
  • the procedures for exclusion, withdrawal and dissolution;
  • directors´ and officers´ liability.

Attention was paid not only to the present-day situation, but also to the changes that will be brought about by the announced new Companies and Associations Code.

For more information on this subject you can contact Geert De Buyzer and Gwen Bevers (Business Law unit head).