22/10/2019 - Seminar by Benjamin Marchandise: "The new Code of Companies and Associations in practice: Tips & Tricks to implement the new features in an optimal way"

22/10/2019 - Séminaire par Benjamin Marchandise: “Le nouveau CSA, en pratique: Tips & Tricks pour implémenter les nouveautés de manière optimale"

On October 22, 2019, Benjamin Marchandise discussed the revolution in business law since the entry into force of the Code of Companies and Associations ("CCA") and the concrete implications of this change for you. What does this new CCA mean in practice? Do you have to do something? What are the benefits for you? What happens if you “do nothing"? What corporate form should be preferred? etc.

The purpose of this seminar was therefore to analyze the opportunities included in the CCA:

  • Possibility of creating a company without capital (BV/SRL and CV/SC);
  • The "insurability" of the administrator's liability;
  • Possibility of having only one shareholder for an NV/SA or BV/SRL;
  • The BV/SA may be administered by a single director;
  • The dismissal of directors may be modified;
  • Simplified liquidation;
  • The BV/SRL for investors;
  • Dividend distribution is simplified;
  • Multiple voting rights, contribution in kind, repurchase of own shares, etc.

For more information on this subject you can contact Benjamin Marchandise.