Construction Law Handbook, second edition

Construction Law Handbook, second edition

The second, fully-revised edition of the Construction Law Handbook was published by Intersentia at the end of November 2013.

The firm did extensive work on the updating of this second edition. As with the original edition, Atty Marco Schoups served as co-editor of the new version. Attys Kris Lemmens, Dave Mertens, Siegfried Busscher, Ann Regemortels and Virginie Monteyne-Jadoul all participated in writing various sections and chapters.  

The volume deals with all legal aspects of the activity of building. All elements and phases of the construction process are addressed, as viewed from the perspective of all participants: contractor or promoter, architect or employee at a design firm, employer-principal, etc.  

It accompanies you in every phases of the construction activity. The preparatory phase is addressed in the first three sections: Construction and environmental law, Construction and administrative law and Construction and energy law. Then follows the execution phase: Construction and property law, Construction and consumer law, Construction and intellectual property rights, Construction and company law, Construction and tax law, Construction and notarial law, Construction and social law. And at last comes the final phase. This is a particularly important section for legal practice: Construction and insurance law, Construction and criminal law, and Construction and procedure law. In the law of obligations, the execution phase and the final phase are closely interlinked; therefore in this edition it was decided to deal with the contractual and liability aspects together.

The handbook deals with the many legal aspects of construction law through the different branches of the law. It does not limit itself to the public law/private law division, but goes further in the analysis. Construction law is analysed from the perspective of environmental law, administrative law, energy law, property law, the law of obligations, company law, social law, insurance law, notarial and tax law and procedure law. Due to their growing importance, in this edition two new legal areas were added, namely Construction and intellectual property rights and Construction and criminal law. The authors come from virtually all legal professional groups that are active in construction law, which assures the book´s multidisciplinary approach.

On the occasion of the publication of the new edition of the Construction Law Handbook, the Interuniversity and Intradisciplinary Centre for Construction Law and Real Estate (ICBO) is organising a workshop on current public-law and private-law issues in construction law. Atty Marco Schoups, Atty Kris Lemmens and Atty Siegfried Busscher will be speaking at this workshop about public and private construction law. It will be held in Leuven on Thursday, 16 January 2014 (KULeuven, College De Valk).

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